News About Suzuki Problems, Recalls, and Lawsuits

A collection of stories that owners should hear about including recalls, lawsuits, investigations, and top complaints.

  1. 2019

    1. April

  2. 2018

    1. November

    2. October

      • The 2006 Grand Vitara is being recalled because it can lose power steering due to weakened plastic parts in the pump belt adjuster pulley. From

        The tension adjuster pu...

    3. June

      • Suzuki is recalling 5,800 Kizashi and SX4 vehicles because of control module problems inside the continuously variable transmission (CVT).

        Suzuki says stress cracks caused by heat can st...

  3. 2017

    1. February

  4. 2016

    1. May

      • In the wake of emissions scandals and news about manipulating fuel economy numbers, officials worldwide have started cracking down on details released by automakers.

        Recently, Japanese o...

  5. 2015

    1. October

      • Suzuki is recalling the power steering pumps in 18,600 SX4 cars.

        The pumps have multiple problems that can eventually lead to their failure. They don’t have enough clearance from the sur...

    2. June

      • In the case of People v. Their Cars Catching on Fire, it looks like the flames are going to win.

        A lawsuit accused Suzuki of manufacturing cars with a defect in the daytime running light...

    3. January

      • Suzuki recalled thousands of SX4 and Kizashi vehicles that could accidentally roll away. By now you should have received your recall notice and hopefully had your vehicle repaired, but if not he...

  6. 2014

    1. August

      • Call in the exterminators! Heck, call in the National Guard – the Suzuki Kizashi is being overrun by spiders. Ok, ok – overrun might be a bit of an exaggeration, but when it comes to spiders my ...

    2. July

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